When Is The Best Time To Visit Maui Hawaii

If you are heading to one of the famous cities in the world - Maui, Hawaii for a vacation, you can find a wide range of hotels available from the cheapest hotels to luxury ones. First and foremost and one of the best tips if you are going to travel is to know your budget. How much money you need to spend? How long will you stay? How many are you going to the place? These are just some of the questions to determine how much you need for a Maui, Hawaii vacation.

To give you an estimate of how much you can spend in your hotel stay, please read below;

Economy (1 to 2 star hotel) = $49 to $89
Moderate (2 to 3 star hotel) = $90 to $149
Deluxe (3 star hotel/resort) = $150 to $350
Luxury (4 star resort) = $350+

Remember this that there’s an additional fee of 11.4% which will be added on the rate of your Maui hotel. This additional rate is for the Hawaiian state and room taxes.

Hotel rates in Maui depend on the season of the year. The big season or the peak season normally starts from the 2nd week of December to the 2nd week of April. The low season is from April to November. During the low season, Maui Hotels are more affordable than on the high season. You can explore the place which you may not experience the noisy crowd. Even the weather is good during the low season, so travelers tend to escape from their local bad weather.

If you want to experience more convenience and can even save you money, avoid the noisy crowd and enjoy the good weather.

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